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Course Leaders

The course has been created by a team of renowned audio professionals from RH Consulting – Roland Hemming, Richard Northwood and Ryan Penny. Here’s some background on each of them...

 Roland Hemming - RH Consulting, principal audio consultant 

Audio consultant and project manager Roland Hemming’s experience enables him to advise on many aspects of audio. He project-managed the two largest audio projects in Europe; the Millennium Dome and the 2012 Olympic Games. His 25-year career in the industry has taken him to live events, hotels, cruise ships, theatre, corporate AV, broadcast, education and stadia. 

Ryan Penny - RH Consulting, associate audio consultant

Combining technical knowledge with a forward thinking and creative outlook, Ryan spends his time switching between audio engineering work and developing marketing and training materials for many clients and projects. 

 Richard Northwood – RH Consulting, principal AV consultant

Richard has 30 years experience in designing, building, commissioning and operating audio, video and lighting systems. His work covers a wide range of projects, from stadium audio to corporate video conferencing suites and interactive visitor attractions.



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